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Audio Processors

Audio Processors

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  • AD 166XL
    Good proof operation to smooth uneven levels, add sustain to guitars, fatten drums or tighten up mixes . New gate timing algorithms ensure the smoothest release characteristics . Program-adaptive expander/gates . Great sounding dynamics control for any type of program material. Separate precis..
  • AD 234XL
  • AD 260
    882i Sonic Maximizer function with dual-mono operation with balanced XLR inputs and outputs for applications that require low noise, high headroom and +4 dBu input occasions. Application Professional recording studio,Multi-track ,Cassettes ,Nightclub sound system ,Broadcast transmission Fe..
  • AD EQ1231
    Switchable boost/cut ranges of 6 or 15dB, Electronically balanced/unbalanced inputs, Servo balanced/unbalanced outputs , RF filtered inputs and outputs, XLR, Barrier Strip, and 1/4" TRS connectors, -12dB/+12dB input gain range, 18dB/octave 40Hz Bessel low-cut filter, Chassis/signal ground l..
  • AD EQ215
    AD EQ215 Two 15-band,2/3-octave Constant Q frequency bands Switchable boost/cut ranges of 6dB or 12dB 12dB octave, 3dB down @ 50Hz low-cut filter Front panel bypass switch 12dB input gain range 4-segment LED ladders for monitoring output levels XLR and TRS inputs and ourputs Internal Toroi..
  • AD EQ2231
    Product Description 1 Type iii. Nr: Activates type iii. Noise reduction 2 EQ bypass: Bypasses the graphic equalizer section in the signal path Input: Connectors: 1/4" trs, female xlr(pin 2 hot), and barrier terminal strip Type: Electronically balanced/unbalanced, RF filtered Impedance: Balan..
  • AD EQ231
    Two 31-band, 1/3-octave Constant Q frequency bands , Switchable boost/cut ranges of 6 or 12 dB, 12dB per octave 40Hz low-cut filter , Front panel bypass switch , 12 dB input gain range , 4-segment LED ladders for monitoring output levels , XLR and TRS Inpts and Outputs , Internal Toroidal ,..
    AD m350 effects reverb processor 1.Digital Effects Reverb TC M350 2.15 TC-quality reverbs and 355 presets 3.Used for Stage,FOH,Studio 4.High Class and stable Full DAW integration through VST compatible editor 15 true and stunning stereo reverbs 15 legendary effects 5 seconds of delay 25..
  • AD MR203
    2 or 3 way crossover with sub out ..
    AD provides the Opal FCS-966 Constant Q Graphic Equalizer with separate LF and HF contour filters that can change an overall sound balance without disturbing a detailed room or loudspeaker response. Graphic equalizers are found in just about every sound application, from room contouring to feedback ..
  • AD PROTEA  4.8SP
    he 4.8SP is the 4-in by 8-out model. With active front panel controls, SP's are at home in a dynamic, live sound environment. The USB inputs (front and rear panel) provide set-up via Protea™ Software, making SP's a great choice for permanent installations. Features: --Front Panel Parameter Contr..
    Specifications 1.PS-4000 Power Sequence Controller  2.Can connect all sockets power at the same time  3.Control power:8 channel Sequence Controller A: Structures operation direct 1. Prepare the power switch: can use for preventing the controller from losing control for..
      Alesis Microverb 4 Effects Processor 259 views Boost your ads Paid Ad Views 0 (0%) Free Ad Views 259 (100.0%) Sulit Gold Analytics Edit Mark Sold Delete Repost Delete and Copy as New Ad Search Ranking Analysis 1 / 3 ..
    The MidiVerb™ 4 is the perfect effects processor for professional project studios and musicians who require an affordable solution for fully-programmable, high-fidelity effects. Its excellent effects algorithms produce dense, natural reverb, rich chorus, flange, delay, pitch effects and up to t..
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